My concept of music is deeply rooted in the Greeks, Plato and Pythagoras. In spite of being the music so ethereal it penetrates even the most dense of matter. In spite of moving feelings and emotions, which is something magical, I understand it as a psychic creation that moves and structures from the four elements and the three forces of the universe. Let's see, there are three basic rhythms: Binary, ternary and quaternary (subdivisions to part), the creation also has three modes of expression: intelligence, energy and materia, and these correspond to the rhythms of music.

In turn, matter is shown in four modes: fire, air, water and earth. The instruments used are distributed in these types, taking as model an orchestra we have the metals (associated with Fire), the woods (associated with the Air), the strings (associated with Water) and the percussion (associated with the Earth).

The mixture of these instruments provides us with a complete musical sensory spectrum. Equally the elements are the basis to show a nature so varied and rich in nuances.