Astrokinesia is a fusion of medical astrology and kinesiology. The astrology, it enters the mind of the patient and kinesiology confirms and modifies psychosomatic conflicts.

The concept of illness goes through phases since it appears in the thoughts and manifests itself in the body. Astronomics detects the field of thoughts and judgments that are shuffled in the mind of the individual, this derives in the energy field and the aura is altered. After the acupuncture chakras and meridians are affected, the endocrine system is affected, then the nervous system is altered, after the lymphatic; and blood system is altered the sphincters do not work properly, then the organs atrophy and finally the bones are the ones they are affected.


Online psychotherapy treatments are provided.

Antoine Bechamp y Louis Pasteur


Bechamp—Taught that microbes were not the cause of disease and should NOT be combated…but that the acidic terrain present in the body was the cause. Béchamp was the one who first exposed the famous phrase "the microbe is nothing... the field, that is, the state of the organism, is everything".
Antoine Béchamp, after many years of research work, came to the conclusion that microbes, which have lived with us since the beginning of life, are not the cause of disease and that not only do we not have to fight them, but that it is necessary to take care of them. He stated that the disease begins within us and because of us, by unbalancing the acid / base of our cells and not by external bacteria that attack us.

The doctor

He who can cure diseases is a doctor. Neither emperors, nor popes, nor colleges, nor universities can create doctors. They can confer privileges and make a person who is not a doctor appear as if he were one; "They can give him permission to kill, but they cannot give him the power to heal, they cannot make him a true doctor if h“e has not been ordained by God." Paracelsus.

The five types of doctors

The natural ones - those who use physical methods: allopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors, surgeons, etc.

The specifici.- those who use chemical methods: naturopaths, homeopaths, etc.

The characterales.- Those who use the power of the psyche and imagination: psychiatrists, psychologists, mesmerism, etc.

The spiritual ones.- Those who use magical power and will: psychomagic, psychometry, reiki, hypnotism, etc.

The fideles.- Those who use true faith and the spirit: adepts, wise men, gurus.