The musical painting


Historically speaking, it is known that some painters were inspired and worked on their works in the company of musicians, also many musicians were inspired by plastic or natural reasons: objects, places, landscapes, poetry, etc.

The vibrations of the color and its forms captured by the visual sense teach us the spatial art, a dimension very appreciated by the human being; the vibrations of sound and music teach us temporal art, vivifying the perception of the auditor. Music and painting I consider a marriage for the arts, with which we can experience deeper feelings and a broader perception of the intention of the artist.

Within this wide field and rich in expressive nuances I have considered important, both color and sound, one of the dominant media in art. Although until now these media have walked separately, I have dared to embark to unite the art of painting and music.

The spark that ignites the artist's inspiration is common to all, regardless of the instrument he uses, because the "gift" manifests itself through any means.

I suggest to the observer that from now on he will try to experiment any painting with a musical composition related to that motive, he will achieve more life and meaning, and the pleasure will be greater.

My job


Although my studies in fine arts is very small I have had an ovolution in my style and technique based on my own personal development.

I consider that the style is consummated with interior maturity, and ends up being the author's expression independent of the technique he uses.

  Surrealismo transcendental