The first thing I like to make clear is that the celestial bodies do not have any influence activity on anyone or anything! The atomic composition of the universe realizes a configuration of forms and reactions that are expressed in nature and, also man, to express itself in a multiplicity of forms: geometric, mathematical, scenic, sonorous, etc.

The intelligence of the cosmic Mind with its way produces effects in all the fractal levels of the physical manifestation: molecular, biological, mental or emtional.

So, a planet does not tell us what impulse we have to have, but the same creative impulse manifests itself in man and the planet synchronically, or in any cell.

In conclusion, astrosophy is not dedicated to building futuristic horoscopes but to knowing the cosmic Mind.


So, what is the horoscope for the human being useful for? To know who we are, and how is our psychological distribution in the time-space we live and get the most out of it, without being influenced by the opinions of others in society.

A horoscope can not be read without the person concerned as it becomes reality with the entity that embodies it.

Some say it could be the letter of a dog or a bird? And indeed it is so, because everything has its quality in time and in a fractal form it represents it. Each astral map can be incarnated by many individuals (the case of the twins), first of many we can wear the same vibrational suit but the way of combining it can be different and in the eyes of a third party the apparent differences can be presented, but inside both they live it the same.


The study of an astrological map is not simply to read someone's future, it is rather to know oneself and in the case of therapy to enter the psyche of a patient to understand him better.

The psychic process of the person is known with its contradictory, potential and resources. Obviously the character is translated into destiny. In this figure there is a multiplicity of qualities that coexist in our interior, ready to be lived.

Hay una anécdota muy famosa que cuenta que cuando un astrónomo muy conocido por sus estudios sobre cometas, Edmund Halley, criticó despectivamente el valor de la astrología, Newton le respondió: "Yo he estudiado esa cuestión, Mr. Halley, y usted no". no».

Example: our Sun, Moon and Saturn are the pillars of the personality and the ascendant is the door or cover of it. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are supportive tools for the ego. And Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are engines for the development of the individual.