The aim of the courses is to acquire a complete knowledge of himself while acquiring access to the mechanism of the universe, considering the Hermes principle "what is above is below" as the law of correspondences. Knowing the place and meaning of the human being is a responsibility to know the reason for a complete life.

Online astrology courses

BASIC LEVEL (3 months)
Types of astrology.
Fundamentals of the mechanism.
of astrology.
Symbology: planets, signs, aspects and houses.
Construction of the natal chart
Management of the astrological program.


Work with the different astrological charts:
houses, nodal, soul, revolutions, etc.
Derivative houses.
The fractal levels in astrology.
Measurement of time (progressions, transits).
Reincarnation and karma.

MASTER (4 months)

Psychology supplements
Applications for teachers, pedagogues, doctors
and psychologists

* Material and software are delivered for the exercise of the courses.
    The connection between student and tutor is made via email and by telephone.
    The duration is approximate, since it depends on the capacities
    from the student.

What does astrology offer us?


1.A real and direct knowledge of who the person is.
2.The resources of the person.
3. Know the time cycles in which the person moves.
4.Apply resources and freedom to make constructive decisions.
5.Understand the interaction between the people involved.
6.A tool for self-knowledge.
This tool is useful as a complement for psychologists, counselors, coaching (family, couple, professional, business, self-help), teachers and doctors.

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