About astrosophy


Astrosophy goes beyond astrology, it consists of a dimension that has more to do with the subtle, fields of energy and the cosmic mind than with the phenomenal of the three-dimensional world. It deals with the implicit or esoteric manifestation. In the same way, when observing the matter in its multiple forms we do not stop to think that it is composed of tiny atoms and its existence was unknown until tools of amplified vision were discovered. By changing the term sofía with loggia it indicates that it incorporates the aspect of love. Not only the rational part is applied, but also the sensitive part.

The Greek etymological concept comes from astron = star and sofía = wisdom. But we must delve a little more since the thought at that time was not purely phenomenal. The Greeks and Babylonians understood and differentiated the astronomical and the astrological side and each had their own plot. Astrology had a deeper aspect and the concept of star applied to light or consciousness in man and by extension to the universe. Astronomy was concerned with the measurements and distances of bodies, as it is still presented today.

The human being uses two universal languages. The horizontal (cause - effect), which we use to move in this material world: I want this, this is there, at what time we see each other, etc .; vertical language, which is unconscious and unites all events by law of affinity, forming empathy sets: square, security, fear, limits, darkness, etc.
Astrosophy, therefore, in its deepest context, is the Bible of the sciences, the mechanism that dismantles the hidden reality of manifestation, and this is applicable to any field of human reality. All this has nothing to do with making horoscopes.

I have configured an astrology model in the form of a Tarot game in which a board with the houses is used and where some letters with the planetary and zodiacal symbols are included. This method is convenient when the time of birth is unknown.

The method takes place as if it were a horoscope in the absence of the natal map.

Los gurus, maestros o lideres solo desean tener seguidores para alimentar sus propios Egos y vaciaros de vuestro poder con distracciones fuera de ti. El auténtico guía te eneseña a conocerte, a buscar dentro de tí para que seas más completo y coherente con tus personajes internos.
Critica social: en el mundo no interesa el autoconocmiento, porque es un desafio para el "poder" y, por ello ha sido y es, perseguida la astrología.